As you know, Rocket do quite a lot of office branding jobs, recently including the Visa Offices across Europe including the UK.

Basically, there are many ways that graphic installers can make an office look amazing, and hence create a really cool, vibrant and inspiring place to work and increase productivity and work satisfaction. Think Google offices and not general call centre kind of thing.

We just need a general guide with 10 ways to make an office/corporate environment look great. Here are some example of similar articles, of which it would be great to base ours on.

Please include an intro as usual, that highlights why making a great workspace is important, and then go on to 10 ways to do this:
Some ideas that relate to things Rocket can do.

Brighten up the walls with vibrant office graphics and lightboxes

Simple ways to brighten up office walls include: Tension Fabric Lightboxes, vinyl graphics in the form of logo/graphics in company colour, patterns etc, wall lighting, acrylic signage, wayfinding signage which could be vinyl or acrylic. You could mention that you could even brighten up the floors with colourful vinyl flooring!

Use company colours on graphics

Integrating company colours throughout the rooms, from the canteen to meeting rooms and offices. You could mention how different colours affect how we feel, such as the fact that bright colours or highly contrasting colour palettes less soothing than the softer shades.

Turn meeting rooms into brainstorming rooms

Inspiring vinyl graphic quotes on the wall, unique and comfortable seating/beanbags/sofas, natural light, translucent window graphics that let the light in/improve window view. Some offices also choose to have a relaxing zone with beanbags/sofas and relaxing décor etc for time out. As this apparently helps boost productivity!

Office message board

A place where employees can leave a message, about work, ideas or just office humour. Take the opportunity to include some branding be it a branded chalk wall, it could be digital or even in the form of a branded traditional pin-board style message board.

Brighten up windows

With window graphics, to create a vibrant look or section areas off/privacy etc. Also, good to improve a bleak view, and can be semi-transparent to let natural light in.

Include plants and greenery

Plants are becoming an integral part of office design and have many benefits which may help increase productivity. They can complete any office branding designs and look great anywhere, from workspaces to canteens and meeting rooms. They also come in many forms and trends with plants include tropical plants, succulent plants and even plant walls (have a google, they look very cool).

Clever use of Lighting

From backlit signs to TSF lightboxes, neon signage and backlit acrylic panels, which are great for brightening up a bit space. Have a google search, there are some cool examples of backlit acrylic panels on the ceiling with the sky printed on them and light shining through, just an idea but could mention something like this. Also, these panels are cool for say reception desk areas.
Please mention some more graphic installation jobs that can be done to make a better, more productive office but here are some to get you started and help understand which services to incorporate in.

You could also mention as one of the things or at the end to not forget spaces such as the bathrooms, kitchens, reception area, canteen etc