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Acrylic Signs & Graphics

Acrylic signage and graphics have many applications be it for office branding and signage, exhibition graphics, retail signage, or in the hospitality industry. Durable and versatile, acrylic is a plastic material frequently used as a glass alternative thanks to its smooth, professional finish and transparency. The finished look is one of clean, simple sophistication, particularly when acrylic is used as the background to simple text or graphics, for example, your brand’s logo or your team’s crest.

At Rocket Graphics we produce and install acrylic graphics and signage from our large format printing workshop in Watford, offering digital cutting for fully bespoke shapes as well as finishing and mounting services.

Great for Interior and Exterior Signage Displays

There are many benefits of using acrylic graphics for brand implementation. One of which is acrylic’s great durability which makes it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor signage and graphics. Unlike glass, it won’t break easily, yet it’s a lot lighter than glass, so it’s also easier to transport and install. You also get the transparent look of glass.

What’s more, you can mould or cut it into any shape or size you want at low temperatures, making customised or die-cut signage simple.

As if all that wasn’t enough, acrylic is a highly affordable material too.

Any design you want can be printed or fixed to it, allowing you to create the look that works best for you. What’s more, acrylic signs work well for all kinds of businesses.

Acrylic graphics can be printed on to an incredibly high quality and resolution. Either choose an opaque white background or let the light shine behind it to give your graphics a natural luminosity and a truly customised appearance. Acrylic signage can also be backlit, to really make it stand out.

With acrylic signage, there are no limits to your creative ambitions for your attention-grabbing display project, whether that’s for an exhibition, a sports venue or event, a retail environment or anything else in-between.

Its versatility makes it a perfect surface for bold imagery, etching, multiple dimensions and spot-on Pantone colour matches. What’s more, acrylic is really easy to hang, so can be used in retail or office spaces to set a consistently professional tone. d in retail or office spaces to set a consistently professional tone.

Why choose Rocket Graphics For Acrylic Signage?

At Rocket Graphics, we’re with clients every step of the way, from initial concept, design and artwork through to installation, finishing and mounting. Our in-house design experts will work with your team so that the end results match your own vision for your brand, and meet all your quality standards.

Our suite of services includes specialisms in digital cutting and large format printing – for which acrylic graphics are perfect.

We can create prints that are as large as the biggest available acrylic sheets, with no compromise in terms of quality or resolution. Our end panels look amazing no matter how close up you get to them.

We also supply products in a great variety of thicknesses, all precision-machined to final size and finished to our specifications.

What’s more, we’ve worked in a wide range of settings, producing event and exhibition stands and more in a great variety of venues. And we know all about the benefits of using strong acrylic graphics in numerous different solutions, from standalone exhibitions stands to signage, to more specialist products such as vehicle wraps and floor graphics.

Recent Acrylic Signage Installations

  • Branding, graphics and more for the 2018 Ryder Cup
  • Fleet branding for the Nurture Group
  • Retail graphics for the flagship M&M’s World Store in London’s Leicester Square
  • Graphics for the European Grand Prix circuit
  • Bespoke graphics for Rolls Royce at the Paris Airshow

Talk to us at Rocket Graphics today to discuss how we could use acrylic graphics brilliantly in your next display project.

Reap the Benefits of Acrylic Signage and Enhance Your Branding Strategy with Rocket Graphics

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