Exhibiton Graphics: Aristocrat, ICE 2018

We were asked by our client Expoteam to help deliver the exhibition graphics for the Aristocrat stand at ICE 2018 at The Excel Centre London.

The stand has a footprint of 567m2 with a hanging ceiling rig almost 7m in the air.

We were asked to fabricate two huge corner-hanging structures, which would be hung from the ceiling rig.

After supplying CAD drawings for the H&S officers at Excel, and designing bespoke corner sections to incorporate the acute angle the frames were produced, using a 44mm TFS Profile.

We skinned the frames using Black Back Stretch substrate printed on our Dye Sublimation printer with Silicon Kadar stitched to the top and front edge, the other two edges were left with plenty of image bleed, these were fixed with hammer in Kadar, using this system allowed us to tighten up the skin once it had been lifted into position.

The main focal point of the stand was a 15m2 circular banner which was fixed to a Trilite ring above the ceiling grid, the idea was for the banner to protrude through the ceiling creating a dome, we used a material called Decotex printed on out Dye Sublimation printer, Decotex is a substrate which has the same amount of stretch in both directions, because of the size of the banner, the weight alone created the globe shape, it actually stretched about 1400mm, and was a huge success.

Everything on this stand was big the back wall and side walls were no exception, they were created using a modular system with Nyloop covering, it was a run of 52m x 3870mm we used 5mm Foamex for this with Velcro to the reverse, because we have the capability to print a 2m x 4m panel in one piece, we were able to achieve this run in just 26 panels, so the least amount of joints possible

The rest of the graphics were produced a cut out vinyls some small 3mm Foamex panels,

The stand received a lot of great feedback and we at Rocket are very proud of our contribution

Client: Expoteam