Large Format Digital Cutting

Digital Cutting

Digital or laser cutting allows you to create exceptional shapes – both in terms of variety and precision. Digitally cut signage is regularly used for exhibition graphics and retail signage as well as in corporate environments and in hospitality to name a few. The end product’s quality tends to be far higher when you use digital cutting, also sometimes referred to as digital die cutting.

Whether you’re after simple office signage and branding or something with far more complex markings and contours, the latest digital cutting technology makes anything possible. At Rocket Graphics, we have state-of-the-art large format cutting machines from Zund and hence are able to produce large format digitally cut graphics up to 5m. 


The Evolution of Die Cutting to Digital Cutting

The alternative of digital die cutting, manual die cutting, uses a very strong razor or steel rule, while digital cutting performs the same task with a laser beam. A steel rule has to be guided by hand, with a laser beam this is done using computer software for far greater accuracy to achieve the perfect cut.

This technology can also work through a greater variety of materials and cut multiple layers of material, with no untidy edges or warping.

It can cut holes a conventional blade would not be able to do, and can fashion shapes which would be a real challenging using a more traditional tool.

Settings on the computer can easily be changed, making it a doddle to switch to a new project – ideal when working on several tasks at the same time.

Finally, there is no physical contact with the material being cut. That reduces the chances of it getting grubby, or any mishandling.

A Range of Digital Options

  • Our line-up of vinyl cutting machines produces basic-cut vinyl text and logos
  • We use a flat-bed router for Foamex, Dibond and MDF materials
  • Our state-of-the-art Zund digital cutter is ideal for the most complex digital finishing, including creasing, trimming and kiss cutting

Thanks to our print and cut software, we can profile-cut just about any media our customers want their work in, whether that’s a rigid or flexible material.

Our innovative creative resources range from colour correction to the ability to make last-minute changes to image retouching and pre-press artwork checking plus technical support.

Why choose Rocket Graphics for Digital Cutting?

At Rocket Graphics, we’ve always been keen to enhance what we can offer customers by investing heavily in the latest technology.

Our digital cutting team will precision-cut large-format vinyl graphics and logos, with the most rigid materials cut by a laser and router with complex digital finishing.

Plus, as well as all the technology, of course, we offer a wealth of skills and industry experience to realise our clients’ visions for their brands, in a varied range of settings. We ensure a strong level of consistency across all graphics, so that, for example, your brand is represented with the same high quality across various stores.

As well as investing heavily in the latest technology from cutting machines to large format printers, we’re constantly researching the latest solutions, so that customers have access to the most dramatic, efficient and cost-effective retail signage and displays around.

At Rocket Graphics, we create vibrant and engaging retail environments which make the most of large-format digital printing. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we can print your precise Pantone colours in a super-wide format on the highest quality materials.

Recent Digitally Cut Graphics

  • We created the bronze-toned brass plaques leading guests to the luxury facilities at the prestigious Langley Hotel, near Ivor, Buckinghamshire
  • We produced the digitally cut graphics for the flagship Showcase store, which promotes the latest British fashion in the heart of London
  • Digitally cut office graphics at Visa’s European HQ in Paddington, west London and across 7 sites in Europe
  • Signage and branding at Visa Madrid’s offices
  • Wall graphics which transformed the west London offices of drinks giant Diageo for a new presentation for the Smirnoff brand

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