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Event Signage

At Rocket Graphics, we have worked on some of the world’s most prestigious events, from sporting events to exhibitions and conferences.

Event signage and branding is our speciality and as a large format printing company, we are able to print, produce and install signage for large events and venues, including stadiums and large music venues.

Large gatherings and events require a special visual marketing effort to create atmosphere, energy and targeted messaging. You need to think about what’s going on both inside and outside your venue or event site, and about everything from banners and posters to wayfinding graphics and signage of all varieties – standalone, hanging or pole-mounted.

 You need to think about the visuals from the very start when planning your event. You may also need to think about hoarding graphics around the outside of your venue if it’s a location such as a sports stadium.

A broad range of services tend to be involved, from concept and design through to installation and dismantling.

So graphics are a key part of the overall vision and strategy for large events and done well, the right branding can set your event apart from the rest and contribute to people talking about it long after it’s finished.

At Rocket Graphics we specialise in print, production and installation, working with creatives to make their visions happen. Speak to our friendly team today!

Why Event Branding Matters

Top-quality, custom-printed event graphics bring many benefits, including:

  • Injecting some strong personality into your brand and showcasing its qualities. However you like to see yourself, it can be portrayed through your designs for your event.
  • Crucially, you will also draw more people to your event. That applies whether you’re attracting delegates to an exhibition stand, customers to a store opening or relaunch or running a pop-up event you want passers-by to know about.
  • Create an energetic, uplifting and positive environment. Quite simply, the right visuals give your event, more atmosphere while allowing attendees to have more fun.

So think about displaying your brand image in inventive places across the venue – such as in the tabletop décor – or how about some temporary wallpaper?

Meanwhile, having some welcome messages printed on floor decals will offer a friendly greeting for people on arrival.

Finally, don’t forget good directional signage to help delegates or guests find their way around a place they may not know, something which always helps an event go smoothly. But you do can even these kinds of functional graphics with wit and verve.

Why choose Us for Your Event Signage?

At Watford-based Rocket Graphics, we specialise in providing outstanding event graphics solutions for a wide range of clients, occasions and venues, and offer extensive and broad industry experience in this area. Indeed, events form the lifeblood of what we do, and we work across the UK, Europe and beyond.

We’re known for our top-quality acrylic graphics and are particularly able to handle large-format printing thanks to our modern equipment, so this is an area in which we have particular expertise.

We’re all about investing in our staff and forging long-term relationships with those we work with.

Our recent event installations

We’ve done a great line-up of sports and stadium signage, including for household-name, prestigious sporting events like the 2018 Ryder Cup near Paris, as well as the Rugby World Cup, Farnborough Air Show and the British Grand Prix.

We’re used to working in massive, famous venues such as Wembley Stadium, alongside smaller arenas including the grounds for Oxford United and Watford Football Club (literally our home turf!), not to mention the hospitality suite at Manchester United.

Give Rocket Graphics a call now. We’d love to discuss the graphics for your next major event, however big or complex.

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