Finishing & Mounting

What is it?

In printing terms, finishing refers to anything done to an item once it has been printed. That includes laminating, image transfer, coating and trimming. The right finishing converts an original image into something durable and functional, whether that’s a point-of-sale display, a floor graphic or anything else. In many ways it’s the icing on the cake of the whole production. And, because it’s generally the last stage in the print process, time is invariably of the essence. Finishing can also include:

  • Folding and cutting
  • Lamination
  • Creasing and scoring
  • Digital cutting
  • Drilling
  • Shrink-wrapping

It’s an area where tradition and technology go hand in hand – finishing and mounting are genuine crafts in their own right. They matter because the most beautifully made graphic display can be ruined by imperfect finishing, which won’t showcase the design as originally envisioned. Mounting refers to the way an end product is hung and presented – whether that’s for an exhibition or retail display, vinyl window decal, floor graphic or anything else.

Why choose Rocket Graphics?

At Rocket Graphics, we do all finishing, laminating and mounting ourselves in-house, in order to have control over the whole process and to maintain consistently high standards from concept through to pre-press, production and completion in the shortest possible time.

Indeed, we have a full-time team operating exclusively in this area, working alongside our print department. We strongly believe in the benefits of having both under the same roof and wouldn’t have it any other way!

It means we’re able to provide a fully bespoke finishing and mounting service to all our clients, no matter how tight their deadline.

What’s more, we don’t just offer bog-standard print finishing. We have an industrial sewing station and auto-eyelet press so that we can also offer fabric and textile finishing. This includes the likes of hemming, beading, eyeleting and pocket sewing.

We’ve provided our clients with a professional, top-quality finishing and mounting service for all sizes of job and for a full range of printed products for decades, thanks largely to our extensive investment in both technology and our people.

Recent installations

A lot of our recent work has included unique finishing and mounting requirements, including the following:

  • Installation of signage at the prestigious Langley Hotel, Bucks, part of Marriot’s Lux Collection
  • Retail graphics for the Showcase store promoting the latest British fashion designs in London
  • A giant timeline of inspiring words for the next generation of young football champions, from previous academy players, at Oxford United’s training academy

Drop us at Rocket Graphics a line and get a quote right now – and then we can put your order promptly into production, whether you need it for a shop, office premises, trade show, sporting event or anything else. We promise it will be finished to perfection, for maximum impact.

We've Invested in The Very Best, Cutting-Edge Cutting and Finishing Technology!

We can help with all your finishing and mounting needs from our large format printing workshop in Watford, UK. Just get in touch today!