Hoarding Graphics

Hoarding graphics are extensively used at major sporting and other big events, typically around all or part of the perimeter of the ground where the event is being held.

With both events and building sites, good hoarding also helps protect site boundaries and enhance security.

Hoarding graphics are an eye-catching, cost-effective type of outdoor advertising, ideal for grabbing the attention of passing traffic and pedestrians. Their large size and prominent positioning in public locations generally guarantee a good deal of exposure.

Equally, hoarding is widely used in construction sites, especially for new or bigger-budget projects, including residential developments plus retail and other commercial spaces.

In the construction industry, they can be used to let passers-by know what is coming, and to create excitement ahead of a project launch or refurbishment. There’s also the health and safety function of preventing unauthorised access to the site – in fact, they’re a legal requirement for construction projects.

Equally, vibrant hoarding graphics can transform an otherwise unremarkable building site into a place that looks a lot more attractive, while also being hugely helpful from an advertising and branding point of view.

Why choose Rocket Graphics?

We’re highly experienced hoarding installers. We’ve worked for many different clients across a range of industry sectors, from property and retail to events, including for some very well-known brands.

Here are just some of the reasons clients can trust us to bring their creative ideas to life:

  • You’ll be in the hands of expert, reliable hoarding installers from initial concept through to completion and beyond
  • As specialists in hoarding graphics for the construction industry, we’re well versed in what the hoardings need to say, and how big they should be, in line with industry and health and safety rules
  • We create bespoke hoardings to meet the precise requirements for your project, in a full range of colours
  • To ensure durability, we make hoarding graphics from robust materials such as aluminium composite – our products are designed to last for several years.
  • At our long-established Watford premises, we have the capacity to create high-quality hoardings, and have always invested heavily in the latest technology – we also have an extremely experienced design, print and installation team ready to meet the tightest of deadlines
  • Not sure exactly how your hoardings should look? No problem! We’re happy to supply the inspiration and ideas for your project before creating memorable hoarding graphics.

Our recent installations

We worked as hoarding installers for the Ryder Cup 2018, one of the game’s most eagerly awaited tournaments, at Versailles near Paris in September of that year.

Our team installed more than 2.5km of wall wraps and hoarding – all over 3m high – in just two weeks. The work was produced on a Vutek GS printer in London before being transferred to the site.

We wrapped external entrances in UV-printed uPVC, and, again, this was tensioned on-site.

Having helped so many brands, we’re well placed to help you reflect your brand with this kind of advertising. Give Rocket Graphics a call to chat about hoarding graphics for your next major project.

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