What is large-format printing?

Large-format printing sets itself apart from conventional printing in a number of ways.

Traditionally, standard printing presses have not been able to produce work over a particular size, but advanced modern presses are much more versatile, while also being speedy and cost-effective to operate.

What’s in it for me?

Previously, printing on a bigger scale didn’t have the right detailing or colour intensity, but the latest digital presses and inks create more options all round, and offer outstanding print quality for a much greater variety of materials than was previously possible.

Equally, resolution is incredibly high, typically at least 300 dpi, or 300 pixels per inch, even on something as big as a super-wide 5m print.

And while commissioning a super-wide print used to be an expensive business, you no longer need to pay a premium for this kind of service.

These days, there are various ways of using up to 5m digital printing in your marketing efforts – the only limit is your imagination!

Here are some other benefits of wide-format printing you can look forward to:

  • Custom-cut – Why stick to boring old cookie-cutter squares and rectangles when you could create a far more intriguing and noticeable shape for what you need, even with a super-wide 5m print?
  • Weather-proof – Super-size banners and the like are designed to withstand the worst of the British climate, whatever the weather throws at them. Expose these graphics to the elements for as long as you need to to get your message across.
  • Two-faced – If you wish, you can print on both sides of the item, creating a second opportunity to grab the attention of passers-by.

So your business could really benefit from the results of promoting its brand on a larger scale. It’s the visual equivalent of shouting more loudly about what you can do! And, in a world where being noticed is increasingly challenging, and attention spans ever shorter, that’s something you need to do.

What sort of things can large-format printing be used for?

Wide-format printing can be used to create a huge variety of eye-catching, attention-grabbing items, including:

  • Roll-up banner stands – Ideal for exhibitions and similar industry events
  • Vinyl graphics for products such as banners or for use on windows or walls
  • Wall wraps – These are graphic images or designs printed on vinyl, which can be installed on any kind of wall
  • Window graphics Decorate your windows so you are using this space as efficiently as possible, especially in a retail setting, and provide privacy while promoting your brand or a special offer
  • Indoor and outdoor posters, billboards and hoardings

Super-wide format printing from Rocket Graphics

At Rocket Graphics, we print everything on-site at our long-established Watford base using state-of-the art digital printing and cutting machines. (We upgrade these and invest extensively and constantly in the latest technology.)

We specialise in large-format printing on to a wide range of materials including rigid and roll media, for products designed to go inside or outdoors. Our Vutek digital printer, for example, easily prints items up to 5m wide to a superb quality, and we have the capacity to create some 2500sqm of graphics a day.

We’ve produced large-scale hoarding and other printed products for countless big events, exhibitions and sporting occasions. These include last year’s most eagerly anticipated golfing tournament, the Ryder Cup, plus the main event for the gaming industry, ICE 2019, in February at London’s prestigious ExCeL venue.

With so many benefits to super-sized printing, make sure you’re not missing out. Give us a call today.