Social Distancing Signage

Social Distancing Signage for COVID-19


We’re currently facing unprecedented times due to COVID-19, with the need for social distancing signage now crucial for both the safety and understanding of everyone, whether in a retail setting or office environment. How we navigate in this ‘new world’ is rapidly changing and all businesses are having to adapt, as are general members of the public.

At Rocket Graphics we offer a full range of large format printing, signage and graphic installation services including retail signage and office branding and we’ve adapted our services to meet the needs of the current situation. We’ve worked with some of the most prestigious brands from VISA to Subsea7, River Island, Tesco and more recently, we installed retail signage for ROXY at Selfridges.


Social Distancing Retail Signage

With the government currently advising that everyone keeps a minimum of 2m away from others, the way in which we are required to shop in supermarkets or other essential stores has evolved overnight and social distancing signs are everywhere we go. Many new social distancing strategies are in place to enhance safety, including one-way aisle systems, hygiene screens and wayfinding floor signage to help enforce the new rules.


Social distancing Office Signage

Similarly, most offices and corporate environments will have to be adapted with social distancing signs to help limit the social contact amongst employees and combat the spread of the virus. Social distancing desk partitions and sanitising stations will become part of the office furniture, and catching up with colleagues in the lift may be a thing of the past.

Printed Social Distancing Signage


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Brand Consistency with Bespoke Social Distancing Signage

When it comes to branding and brand implementation projects, we understand the importance of visual representation. At Rocket Graphics we offer bespoke printing and signage services to ensure consistency throughout and across platforms, and it doesn’t stop at social distancing signage.

Branded signage can enhance your social distancing strategy and help convey the message across to your customers and employees in a way you feel they would relate or respond to the most.

Bespoke social distancing signage can feature your brand’s colour palette, personality and style. Additionally, any new structures such as desk partitions or distancing barriers can also be branded to match your company’s identity.

Social Distancing Signage to Enhance Understanding & Compliance

Implementing an effective social distancing signage strategy is vital to ensure customers and employees both understand and adhere to the latest guidelines which have been set out to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

There are numerous simple and cost-effective social distancing signage solutions for both retail and office settings, which are as easy to install as they are to remove.

Social distancing floor graphics, typically vinyl, feature many benefits and have quickly become a common sight in shops and workplaces. Their versatility means they can be used for multiple wayfinding and social distancing purposes, whether that’s on new one-way aisles, stairwells, points of entry or to keep shoppers 2m apart at checkouts. They are difficult to miss and can be fitted both inside and outside.

Why Are Social Distancing Signage and Structures Important?

Social distancing signage and structures are put in place to help everyone understand and adhere to the social distancing guidelines as well as to reduce transmission of viruses.

Desk partitions in the workplace and checkout guards in retail settings help to guard against aerosol particles released from those who are infected, reducing risk and making everyone feel safer. Likewise, floor graphics and other signage help to direct footfall and remind people to think of others.

Other benefits of implementing social distancing signage to your business include:

  • Increasing staff morale and helping staff to feel protected and valued
  • Enhancing the safety of everyone
  • Setting a good example to other businesses to help reduce overall transmission rates in workplaces and shops
  • Making customers feel safer and thus value your brand

Keeping Everyone Safe During COVID-19


The safety of everyone in workplaces which remain open or are due to open when lockdown restrictions are eased is paramount and to ensure all precautions are taken, many adaptions will need to be made in most environments.

Safety is of utmost importance to us at all times and we are taking the current situation very seriously and evolving our services to accommodate the new safety requirements.

We offer a full range of both standard and bespoke solutions, from vinyl floor graphics to checkout guards and desk partitions and we are happy to advise you on the best options to suit your environment.

If you have an office building or retail premises and you would like to know more about our social distancing signage services, just get in touch and we will be happy to help you take the next steps.

Enhance The Safety of Your Customers & Employees

Help keep your customers and staff as safe as possible during COVID-19 with professional social distancing signage, get in touch today for expert advice!