Sports Branding

Give your event a sporting chance with the right signage

At Rocket, we love the drama and excitement of all the top sporting events as much as any fan. And we’re well accustomed to creating and installing all manner of sports and stadium signage and branding, both across the UK and further afield. Our innovative formats enhance brand awareness and, ultimately, could even go some way to helping boost attendance numbers.

Why sports signage matters

It’s one of those things you may not have thought about that much. But, in fact, branding and signage has a number of key roles to play at major sporting events, including directing crowds and traffic and maintaining the flow of both via wayfinding signage indicating key facilities such as bars or toilets.

Large-format graphics also really help when it comes to advertising an event and its brand (and promoting it in advance) from some way off, and showing people where a venue is from a distance.

Clearly, the wrong sports signage gives a sporting brand a poor image that sets a weak tone for the whole of the customer’s experience. Great signage, meanwhile, offers a warm welcome and enhances a visit from the outset.

Having the right sports branding can also be critical when it comes to sealing the deal with major sponsors, and allows for the sale of premium advertising space.

If you think about it, a stadium or other large sporting venue is an unpainted canvas, with many areas of otherwise empty space that people walk through to get around. Sports graphics can help transform these rather drab, uninspiring areas into creative swathes of colour and branding.

There are other kinds of sports graphics, too, from illuminated signage for any event happening after dark to vinyl graphics for ticket offices, to smart, informative and clear health and safety signage.

How Rocket turbo-charges sports branding

As specialists in large-format printing across a wide range of areas including sports branding, we’ve installed sports signage and sports graphics at numerous significant events and venues, from the Rugby World Cup in 2015 to Manchester United’s hospitality suite and Oxford United’s stadium.

We’ve consistently invested in the very latest large-format technology and have a dedicated team of highly skilled, trained and experienced installers, ready to work to an incredibly high standard for as long as it takes, wherever they’re needed and at short notice if necessary.

Some of Our Recent Signage Installations

  • Watford Football Club – We installed new exterior wayfinding signage at the club’s training ground, including aluminium totem signs throughout the ground; plus further signage in the hospitality suite
  • Other recent sports signage includes new stadium signs for Saracens rugby club, north London, and for Stevenage FC’s ground
  • For the Langley hotel and spa, Buckinghamshire, part of Marriot’s luxury collection, we created engraved bronze-toned brass plaques showcasing the facilities at this prestigious site
  • We produced acrylic-fronted plywood plaques for the conference suiteat the Wyboston Lakes Resort Hotel, Bedfordshire, creating superior interior signage

Our sports signage production and installation services

At Rocket, we have the skills and capacity to create and fit anything from wall wraps to wraps covering a whole building to illuminated signage, stadium and sponsor banners plus hoarding. We can also turn around wayfinding signage and hospitality suite graphics or décor to tight deadlines, along with acrylic signs and crests or tension fabric systems.

  • Stadium signage

From perimeter boards and fencing to multi-media backdrops, we know that no two sporting venues are the same, and that each one offers different stadium branding opportunities. We maximise each location’s potential with high-quality stadium signage and more.

  • Sports branding

There’s more to sports branding than the team’s strip! The right sports signage helps ensure consistency of branding across a venue and helps cement a team’s image in the minds of fans and other visitors.

  • Sporting wayfinding signage

Sports venues can be large, crowded, noisy and potentially confusing places. Clear, unambiguous wayfinding signage can do a lot to minimise potential stress, and helps speed up the smooth movement of people and cars around a venue and its parking areas.

  • Hospitality suite graphics and décor

When entertaining sponsors and other VIPs, only the best will do – it’s all about creating a classy atmosphere. The finest food, drink and hospitality needs to be set off to perfection with the right décor and background graphics to create an overall feeling of quality.

  • Sporting event signage, branding and sponsorship banners

Again, it’s all about quality and consistency. The right sports signage and stadium branding will attract the sponsors you want, and help convey their image in the way they want it to be portrayed. Sports signage also adds to the sense of occasion and helps remind fans that they are attending a top-tier event.

At Rocket, as well as the above, we also do:

  • Training ground signage to help inspire players as they put in the hard legwork of training
  • Ticket box branding – the ticket office is the thing many visitors see first, so sets the tone for the whole visit, and we’ve often completed this using vinyl graphics wraps or large-format printing

Recent sports signage projects

At Rocket we’re proud to have completed a whole host of sports graphics projects in recent years, including:

  • Sports branding and graphics at Wimbledon 2022
  • Sports branding, signage and graphics for golf’s Ryder Cup in 2019, including 3km of hoarding signage around the perimeter
  • Large-format graphics and stadium signage at the 2018 Bilbao European Rugby Championship finals
  • Hospitality suite graphics for Manchester United
  • Sports graphics for Oxford United’s football training ground
  • Our ongoing partnership with Watford Football Club has included adding vinyl graphics to walls in the club’s colours, alongside framed images of the players, plus acrylic signage including letters and the team’s crest – and, outside the stadium, aluminium wayfinding signage
  • The hospitality box at Saracens Allianz Park, north-west London, where we’re a branding partner
  • Rebranding work with Stevenage Football Club, including stadium signage for the North Stand, alongside panels for the fencing and turnstiles

How we can help with your stadium and other sports signage

With so much varied experience under our belts for such a wide range of sports, venues and sponsors, we’re ideally placed to help you with your stadium branding and the like. Don’t risk the success of a major sporting event with below-par graphics. Talk to us today and take the first step to quality, pitch-perfect branding and signage that creates a real sense of drama and occasion.

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