Window Graphics

Large Format Window Signage & Decals

Vinyl window graphics – or window decals – help create a stunning first impression while getting your brand’s message across. After all, visitors and customers see your windows before they see anything else. Even in functional office buildings window graphics have many uses, both internal and external glazed areas, otherwise unnoticed and unloved, can be spruced up with some great branding in the form of creative graphics.

What Are Window Graphics?

Window graphics, often referred to as window decals, incorporate high-resolution designs on a sheet of vinyl to create an elegant-looking finish, either clear through which light can shine so that there’s an effect similar to stained glass or opaque so no light or outside area can be seen through it.

Window graphics’ versatility means they can be used internally or externally anywhere on your site to help convey the image you want for your brand.

Create a Window of Opportunity!

  • They offer cost-effective advertising and make efficient use of space
  • The aesthetic appeal is obvious – quite simply, they make your premises look more attractive
  • Running a special event or promotion? These print graphics effectively showcase whatever you’ve got going on at the moment
  • These vinyl graphics can also provide vital information, signposting the various areas of your office or shop
  • They can maintain privacy where necessary if you want the interior of an office to be obscure, or you don’t want passers-by to see inside a premises
  • They encourage more footfall by drawing people into your shop or other business
  • Window stickers can help the view outside an office look more inspiring from inside
  • They enhance safety by preventing people from walking into a glazed area
  • Choose your window: the versatility of window decals means you get to select your desired finish, e.g. frosted

While most window graphics are designed to last several years, equally they can equally be changed easily, offering yet more flexibility.

Why Choose Us for Window Graphics?

At Rocket Graphics, we’re large format print specialists. And vinyl window graphics are a huge part of what we do. We’ve helped numerous big-name clients over the many years we’ve been established, and we could help you, too.

We’re experienced graphic installers, and will be with you every step of the way, from initial idea through to fitting and installing. We can help you bring your own creative ideas to life – or provide inspiration if you’re stumped.

Having been at our Watford HQ for well over three decades, we’re committed to providing our clients with outstanding solutions, on time and to budget, time after time. We invest heavily both in our skilled team and the latest technology, and we’re all about building long-term working relationships.

What’s more, we can fit your window graphics wherever you are in the UK or indeed the world. Talk to us today – especially if people are passing your business by when they could (and should) be coming inside.

Our recent window vinyl installations

  • We installed the window graphics for an Airbus conference which framed the view over the Thames
  • A vibrant installation at Visa European HQ in Paddington featured a printed white-to-frosted vinyl Visa logo, plus slimline LED lightboxes
Window decals loverlooking the Thames in London
VISA offices window graphics

Brighten up Your Office Environment or Enhance The Window View with Vinyl Window Graphics

Get in touch with Rocket Graphics and if you are looking for window graphics to enhance your office signage and branding or for your venue, event or conference.