Display Graphics

Display Graphics

At Rocket, display graphics are what we do. Our experience in these types of large-format visuals is extensive, from conference and exhibition stand graphics to all manner of signage, wall wraps and retail graphics.

Our work is a familiar site at high-profile venues such as football stadiums and conference centres. It’s also seen at prestigious locations like Wembley Stadium, where we recently created a branded press conference and photo opportunity area for Korean boy-band BTS.

Our team of graphic installers carry out all work meticulously, ensuring your graphics and branding not only looks great from a distance, but up-close too.

Office Display Graphics

Equally, we specialise in office display graphics, signage and branding. That means we can create a strong presence for your business through the power of visual branding to enhance the experience for both customers and staff.

Use interior branding such a vinyl wraps and other signage to tell visitors and employer what you are about, and to portray your most important messages. This strengthens the connection between the company and the employee, and boosts their understanding of how they fit into and contribute to the company’s values and mission, while enhancing loyalty.

Finally, the right office graphics, even down to your wayfinding signage, can ensure your visuals tell a consistent story across your organisation.

Display graphics we offer

We offer an extensive variety of custom-made products for event, office and retail settings, including:

  • Eye-catching point-of-sale displays to go near a checkout counter and attract the customer’s attention, especially for new products or particular promotions and special offers
  • Point-of-purchase displays, or the advertising that goes next to the merchandise it’s promoting
  • Visually stunning backlit graphics that grab attention and have a strong impact – these have become more affordable in recent years, and any business can benefit from the technique
  • Lightboxes – these are a great choice for graphic displays because they make maximum impact with minimal space, are environmentally friendly and can seriously strengthen a brand’s image
  • Tension fabric banner systems and hanging structures – these pack a mighty punch at any event. They’re customisable, speedily installed and easily portable. In the case of hanging structures, they’re a clever way of making use of the space above an exhibition stand and of creating extra impact. Equally, there is no sagging of the material with these displays, and the supporting frame can’t be seen.

Why choose Rocket Graphics for Display Signage?

Talk to us whether you’re launching a new retail environment or fitting out an existing shop; whether you want to make your presence clearly felt at a crowded conference or exhibition, or need consistently excellent display graphics for a major sporting event.

After all, we’ve been around since the mid-1980s, so we know what we’re doing. Of course, the technology has changed considerably since we started out, and we’ve moved with the times and consistently invested in the industry’s latest equipment at our expansive Watford base. This kit means we’re able to print products up to 5m wide, on a wide range of materials.

What’s more, we work across the UK and beyond and are able to meet the tightest of deadlines within budget, every time. Get in touch to discuss your project today.

Display Graphics is What We Do and We Also Specialise in Large Format Graphics!

Find out more about how we can take your brand to new dimensions with epic display graphics and signage, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!