Venue Brand Implementation & Graphics

We Produce & Install Venue Graphics & Branding

Our venue brand implementation services includes printing, producing and installing venue graphics and signage for both one-off events and permanent venue branding projects. We work with clients across the UK and Europe, for some of the most anticipated sporting events and exhibitions. We have produced and installed the graphics across a broad range of venues from exhibition halls such as the London ExCeL to sports venues such as Wembley stadium. 

From our large format printing and production workshop in Watford, just outside of London, we’re able to produce large-scale venue branding, able to print up to 5m wide and with a 40-something strong team of installers.

Why Venue Branding Is Important

At trade shows, exhibitions and similar gatherings, you will almost always be competing against other businesses, making venue branding and graphics even more vital for standing out, getting noticed and getting your message across.

They’re an important investment which, done properly, will make a lasting difference to brand perception and to how your occasion is remembered.



From concerts to exhibitions, conferences and other trade gatherings, every event needs to be individual and distinctive. The right venue graphics inside and outside will help, whether you’re planning a small conference, a big industry show or a major sporting event.

They are equally important for more permanent venue branding projects too, such as hospitality suites in stadiums, conference centres and entertainment venues, where the right visual design can make all the difference.

Why choose Rocket Graphics for Your Venue Install

We work closely with a number of major venues, including various football grounds, the London ExCeL arena and Wembley Stadium. We either bring the client’s concepts to life or, if you feel in need of some inspiration, let us supply some ideas to help maximise your brand’s impact.

We work with our varied client base on indoor and outdoor events, from initial concept and planning through to installation, and, where required, taking all the venue graphics down as well.

Tap into our vast experience in the conferencing and exhibition field, and benefit from our extensive knowledge of large-format venue graphics. We’re also able to print in a full array of colours for bold, striking designs.
Equally, we appreciate how vital installation is, and our team of qualified, skilled fitters offers reliability and consistent attention to detail.

Recent venue installations

  • We worked with our event management partner GES to install an 18m dog-leg Tension Fabric System (TFS) at Infosecurity, London’s top cyber security event, at the ExCeL arena.
  • Working with London-based PR agency DawBell, we installed fabric prints in TFS frames and 100m of temporary frosting to create a branded press conference and photo opportunity area for Korean boy band BTS at Wembley Stadium during the UK leg of their world tour.
  • At ICE Totally Gaming 2019 we installed the graphics for the Aristocrat stand, again at ExCeL, London.

Give our friendly team a call and we will be happy to discuss your venue graphics and any other requirements. We work alongside some of the industry’s most well-known creative agencies and will bring your vision to your venue.

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