Office Graphics & Signage

Office Branding & Signage

At Rocket, we produce and install a wide range of office signage and other office graphics and branding in workplaces across the UK and beyond.  As large-format printing specialists, with stacks of experience when it comes to office branding, we’re able to turn our hand to any kind of signage, whether that’s simple vinyl graphics, acrylic logo graphics or backlit displays and fabric tension systems.

Even though you might not think about it that often, office graphics are more important than you may have realised. These kinds of visuals reinforce brand identity, help to create vital and lasting first impressions, add character to your office and are also functional, e.g. in providing directions and wayfinding. Office decor can even help to enhance productivity, among numerous other benefits.

At Rocket, when it comes to office branding and other business venue graphics, we’ve led where, frankly, our competitors sometimes haven’t, investing in the latest printing equipment and cutting machines as well as in our workforce.


Office Branding by Rocket Graphics

At Rocket Graphics, we produce and install both interior and exterior corporate signage. With our office graphics, you’ll create an inspiring, motivating and professional business environment that genuinely strengthens your brand. That’s not least because our Pantone colour-matching service helps ensure that your brand is represented consistently across your premises and all your interior and exterior signage.

We can help in other creative and innovative ways, too, for example, our window graphics are a great way of enhancing privacy in meeting rooms for those more sensitive conversations we all need to have from time to time.

Equally, if the view of the outside world from your office is pretty drab, cheer it up with some gorgeous opaque display graphics, so that people’s eyes rest on something a little more aesthetically pleasing when they look out of the window but can still see the light shining through!

Helping Companies To Transition To Hybrid Offices

Over the past few years, many companies have transformed their workplaces into hybrid office spaces to meet the demands of many businesses now combining in-person collaboration amongst colleagues with remote work and virtual meetings.

At Rocket Graphics, we have helped many clients transition to hybrid working, incorporating virtual meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and even relaxing areas and outdoor workspaces to offices that were previously set up for in-person working.

If you’re currently transitioning to a hybrid office and are looking to update your office graphics, design and branding, speak to us today!

What to Consider When Your Rebranding Your Office

There are many reasons why corporate signage matters, as we’ve noted above, from creating a brilliant first impression to helping create the optimum working environment for your employees and reinforcing brand identity.

So it’s simply not true that, in a digital age, physical graphics no longer hold any value.

Here are some things to think about in your place of work when fitting new office graphics:

  • Look at the area where you intend placing your office graphics first, from all angles and consider the viewpoint
  • Will the area need lighting for emphasis? (You could also consider backlit graphics.)
  • For exterior signage, consider whether any planning permission may be needed (we can help advise on this)
  • Try to test a mock-up of your signage to see what it looks like before installing for real

It’s definitely worth taking the time to develop something that really represents your brand and will reach your target audience.

Our Recent Office Installations

  • We’ve completed exterior and interior signage for a number of important clients in recent months, including:

    • Visa’s European HQ: For the offices of this household-name brand in Paddington, west London, we installed office branding including vinyl graphics in the form of wall wraps, alongside tension fabric system lightboxes and hanging office signage – we’ve also installed office graphics 6 other Visa sites, including for Visa Madrid’s base.
    • Subsea 7 serves the offshore energy industry as a subsea engineering, construction and services company. Its headquarters are in Sutton, south London, where we installed office signage in a new 150,000 sq ft space and created a consistent theme of sea and oil rigs.
    • At Larchpoint Capital in central London, we used smart printed vinyl applied to glass plus acrylic signage in the form of a sprayed logo, to create distinctive office branding.


Increase productivity and brand identity in your workspace with better office branding!

We’d love to help you transform your office environment and enhance the productivity of your employees. Get in touch today to find out how we can take your office space to the next level!