If you’re one of those people who dislikes any mention of the C word this side of November, we can’t say we entirely blame you. But the reality is that Christmas is the most important time of year for retail sales. Equally, in the current climate, stores have to work harder to lure customers inside and spend money. (Last year, UK businesses experienced their worst festive season in a decade. Source: British Retail Consortium. )

There’s no knowing yet how the festive season will pan out for retail in 2019. But there are things you can do to make sure your brand isn’t overshadowed at this critical time of year – not least of which is having a strong visual presence. Creating an experience which is attractive and atmospheric is key to making the most of the year’s most important shopping period.

Consider every surface – floors, walls, ceilings and windows – in this.

Here are our tips for effective Christmas retail graphics:

Consistency across platforms

If you have a seasonal display featuring, say, penguins, can this also be the header for your Twitter or Facebook accounts? Using multiple platforms will help people associate festive feelings with your brand.

Great use of colour

Make sure the seasonal colours in your Christmas retail graphics don’t detract from or clash with your existing brand identity.

If you use a lot of blue, a wintry scene could work. If much of your branding is in orange or yellow, consider a warm fireplace, shining star or similar imagery.

Seasonal window displays

Christmas window displays have been part of festive retail since the industrial revolution. They form a key part of many seasonal shopping trips, and have not been diminished by the rise of online retail. If anything, they’re more important than ever.

Big names like Harrods and Macy’s are known for the extravagance and creativity of their displays, which have become destinations in their own right.

A genuinely arresting festive arrangement isn’t so much about showcasing what you’re selling, but more about telling a story that sparks an emotional response in passers-by and draws them inside.
Festive graphics in the form of stick-on vinyl window graphics offer a classy way of attracting the eye, and they can be changed when it’s time for the January sales.

Try not to make things too ‘busy’ – instead come up with a single, strong concept and stick to it for your seasonal windows. Finally, lighter colours tend to stand out more brightly, while silver, gold and anything sparkly will add to the atmosphere.

Wayfinding graphics

Stores are obviously busier at Christmas time, and we’ve all felt stressed shopping for that elusive last-minute gift come December. However gorgeous your window, however well you’ve showcased your goods, if people can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly go elsewhere, especially if they have small children in tow.
Smart, clear wayfinding graphics with a seasonal design and colours can point customers to your Santa’s grotto, gift department, present wrap point and so on throughout the festive period. Non-stick designs may be worth considering given the typically heavier footfall.

Backlit graphics

Finally, backlit graphics can transform a retail space at Christmas with striking, memorable images that set your brand apart. Consider using this technique in your display.
At Watford-based Rocket Graphics, we have decades of experience of retail graphics, including with big names like River Island, the Showcase fashion brand and M&M’s World. Let us talk you through some options for transforming your premises into the perfect winter wonderland.